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About Global Pets Finder

Global Pets finder is an online, platform provided to ease puppies who need homes to go meet their new families. Global Pets Finder has made available more than 100 puppies adopted by their lovers in the past few years and the organization maintains their own home pages and available-pet databases.

Our Vision

Global Pets Finder aim’s to become the world’s number one site to offer unbiased advice, guidance and support that helps pet owners around the world make informed and well guided decisions when it comes to caring for their animals.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to help pet owners choose not only the best, but the most suitable and safe products for their dogs.

Our Team

Global Pets Finder team of researchers, with a passion for all things puppy related research the best selling and most suitable puppies for pet owners and lovers. We have done the leg work, so you don’t have to.

With new advancement and developments, even from the comfort of their personal computers, pet lovers can search for a pet that best matches their needs. Global Pet Finder also includes a pet-care resource directory and a blog of free pet-care articles to help keep pets in their homes.


Global Pets Finder is provider of shelter of homeless pets and pet adoption by pets lovers. No information in Global Pets Finder is guaranteed. Although the information on Global Pets Finder is updated frequently, it is always best to call the facility or organization that lists the pet to insure it is still available and to insure the information listed in Global Pets Finder is accurate. It is crucial that any pet found through an adoption service be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian immediately upon adoption. Any pets found, adopted through, or listed in Global Pets Finder are the sole responsibility of Global Pets Finder and/or the adopting party.

Global Pets Finder accepts no responsibility for any liability or for any injury or damages to any person or property caused by any listed animal, as well as any cause of action, claims, suits or demands whatsoever that may arise as a result of such injury or damage.

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