Bully Sticks

Bully Stick Dog Chews
Bully sticks for dogs are all-natural hard chews loved by canines the world over. Global Pets Finder carries the best bully sticks on the market, making it easier than ever to shop bullies for your bowwow. Not familiar with this beloved beefy dog treat? Bully sticks are made of 100% beef from cattle. The best bully sticks for dogs are thicker and dense. The stick density lengthens chew time, which means more fun for your furry friend. If your dog has a sensitive or small jaw, try a thinner bully stick brand. Dogs love the meaty flavor of bully sticks, and their texture keeps pups occupied for hours. Made from delicious beef, bully sticks come in a variety of lengths and shapes to be enjoyed by pooches of all sizes. Braided, knotted and curly dog bully sticks last longer and are more challenging to chew. Braided or knotted bully sticks are favored by many dogs because of their interesting texture. Braided bully sticks are made by braiding three bully sticks together, then slow roasting them to lock in the delicious flavor dogs love. Since they are made from beef muscle, they are more easily digestible than some other doggie treats.