Relentlessly focused on our mission to make lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes, Global Pets Finder is the trusted service that connects dog lovers with responsible breeders nationwide.

There aren’t really many differences and most people use these terms interchangeably. While shelters are almost always brick and mortar structures that house a lot of animals, some rescue groups work out of individuals’ homes and through a foster network. In dealing with a foster-based network, you have to schedule a time to meet a specific pet with his or her foster parent, as opposed to visiting a shelter with open adoption hours.

We encourage everyone who lists a pet — in fact everyone who cares for a pet — to spay her or neuter him. But our primary mission is to help find pets new homes and save lives. There are low-cost spay and neuter clinics located all around the country.

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Global Pets Finder believes that the Guardian (the person caring for the puppy) needs to be in charge of deciding what makes a good, safe home for their pups and who can best provide it. We have put a lot of thought into our guidelines for both Adopters and Guardians to assist in safe and permanent adoptions. But we believe that Guardians are in the best position to take the measure of an Adopter, ask questions about the Adopter’s home and lifestyle and then decide if this is a good fit for his or her pet.

Our online community is based on the value of mutually respectful communication. If you have concerns, please Contact us for more details Email : [email protected]

Our online community is based on the value of mutually respectful communication. If you have concerns, please Contact us for more details Email : [email protected]

There is almost no similarity between Global Pets Finder and a pet store. Pet stores typically sell thousands of products for animals of all kinds. Our mission is simple and clear – to make lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes. While there are countless differences between Global Pets Finder and a pet store, we will highlight a few of them here.

  • Direct to You: Because of our commitment to the humane treatment of all dogs, when you find a puppy at Global Pets Finder, it comes directly from an experienced breeder. As a result, your puppy will spend its entire life before it arrives in your home with its breeder and parents. On the other hand, by the time a puppy makes it to a pet store, that puppy may have made several stops, been warehoused in one or more other intermediate holding locations, over several weeks, before it even arrived in the store, let alone eventually completes its journey to a customer’s home.
  • Transparent Access to Puppies: Depending upon where you live, you may not be able to find a purebred or purpose-bred designer puppy at a pet store. In an effort to combat the inhumane treatment of animals, many states actually prohibit pet stores from selling puppies. And, even if you do happen to live in a state that has not yet enacted a pet store ban, it can be nearly impossible for you to independently verify whether a pet store puppy came from a responsible breeder. At Global Pets Finder, we are committed to transparency, and you will not only have peace of mind knowing our expert compliance team has screened, vetted and qualified your breeder, but will know everything you want to know about your puppy, including its breeder, its parents and its health history.
  • Proprietary Screening of Breeders: Another major difference is our proprietary screening process. At Global Pets Finder, we carefully screen all of our breeders before we invite them to join our network and, to stay in our network, breeders need to continue to meet our evolving standards.
  • Health Screening & Guarantee: In addition to our compliance efforts, our extensive health protocols are the industry’s best, culminating with a requirement that your puppy pass our proprietary nose-to-tail health exam, administered by a licensed veterinarian, before we will allow your puppy to travel. And, after your puppy arrives home, not only do we provide our exclusive health guarantee, but we are here to support you throughout your puppy journey. We really mean it when we tell you our relationship with you begins, it does not end, when you find your puppy on Global Pets Finder.