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Frisco Extra Wide Auto-Close Pet Gate, 30-in Height


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Colors : White, Black, Gray


Check out the Size Tab to be sure this gate fits your doorway. Turn any room in the house into a safe zone for your pet with the Frisco Extra Wide Pet Gate. Made with a durable all-steel construction, this gate is designed to keep your pet safely contained by simply installing it in a door frame or hallway. The pressure mount system makes setting it up and taking it down easy, so you can move it to different areas of the house as you need. The gate door works double duty by staying open when you need it to—just open it past 90 degrees to lock it open—or otherwise closing on its own. You can also set up the door to open to any side. The dual-lock safety release means your pal can’t get crafty and open the door, adding a layer of security. Plus, this gate is lightweight so you can transport it and store it easily.

Key Benefits

  • Measures 30 inches in height and with the 6.9″, 8″ or 12″ inch extension can fit door frame openings: 29” – 32” / 36” – 40” / 41” – 46.5” / 48” – 52”. To maintain stability do not use more than 2 extensions on either side of the gate.
  • Assembly requires just a screwdriver or a drill and a pencil for effortless setup and take-down—the pressure-mount system makes it easy to install in about 10 minutes, and take it down even faster.
  • Security and convenience with a double-lock safety release system and self-closing door. The door stays open when opened past 90 degrees.
  • All-steel construction is durable and lightweight for portability and easy storage.
  • Turn any room of the house into a safe place for your pet to stay and lounge.

What’s Included

Metal gate, 6.9-inch extension, 8-inch extension, 12-inch extension, 4 wall-mount cups, 6 screws, 1 spanner, 4 stickers, assembly instructions.


**Note: A drill or screwdriver will be required for wall mounting if not using the stickers included.** For pet use only. Must install with the included wall cups. Bar spacing is between 1.8″ – 2.5”, determined pets may be able to jump over gate.


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Always check the gate and discontinue use if any parts are missing, worn or damaged. Check regularly to make sure all hardware and mountings are tightened securely. Wash with mild detergent. Don’t use any abrasive cleaners or bleach.

Helpful Hint: Do not remove the zip tie until installation is complete.


Size Length Height
30-IN 29-32 inches 30 inches
WITH 6.9″ EXTENSION 36-38.5 inches 30 inches
WITH 6.9″ + 8″ EXTENSION 44-46.5 inches 30 inches
WITH 6.9″ + 12″ EXTENSION 48-50.5 inches 30 inches
WITH 8″ EXTENSION 37-40 inches 30 inches
WITH 8″ + 12″ EXTENSION 49-52 inches 30 inches

To maintain stability, do not use more than 2 extensions on either side of the gate.